5 Tips On How To Find The Best Deal In Real Estate Investment

In today’s video, we’ll discuss five tips on how to find a good deal in the current real estate market. These tips will help both first-time buyers and real estate investors. A common question that I hear from a lot of my first-time buyers is: where do I find real estate deals? My response always: deals are everywhere, you have to be proactive and use strategies that work! There is no secret sauce!

These strategies will really help you get a deal in today’s market:

1. Qualified Agent
Negotiating on your behalf, contract writing, and finding you a deal is a skill that comes with practice and experience, so do yourself a favor and find a qualified agent.

2. Repeated Price Decreases
You don’t know why the seller is decreasing the price, so don’t judge, look at the property, do your homework, and it could be a great opportunity for you to pick up a property, especially with properties that a seller is continuously decreasing the price on.

3. Vacant Homes
When you see a vacant home and you like the place, look at it, be interested in it, and try to make a move on it because it could be another great opportunity for you to execute on.

4. Days on the market
In some cases, you can see 30, 40, 45-plus days, and that can raise a red flag in a lot of our heads. Again, we really don’t know what’s going on. It could be a stubborn seller that is not accepting offers. Don’t allow that number to throw you off. Go see the property, do your homework again, and see if this is something that fits your criteria of buying a home.

5. know your numbers
That will give you a realistic picture of what offer you should put on the home, this way you can really leverage the negotiation process.

Use the strategies in this video to find real estate deals. Investing in real estate is a great way to grow wealth and these strategies help you do that. If this was insightful to you please share and leave us your feedback!

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