Case Study; Sold!!

Just closed on this beautiful 3 bedroom Hayward Hills property. Congratulations to this awesome couple on their First Home! Geetika and I met about 6 months back, at that time she made it clear to me that she was looking for an upgrade and was ready to become a homeowner! Then we lost touch and did not reconnect until October, 2020. We immediately started searching for deals and looked for homes for a few weeks and we got her offer accepted on the First Home they liked (this is a rare occasion in today’s crazy market). The communication I had with the listing party flowed very smoothly and we got the contract accepted and closed within 22 days! This was a VA loan and the lender closed the deal right on time and got the clients an amazing Rate! Shout out to Kellie Wegner from Loan Depot!
It has been an absolute pleasure representing this lovely family. I thank them for trusting in me and our brand! I would not be able to deliver exceptional service without our awesome team at Optimal! I wish this couple beautiful memories in their new home!! Feeling truly grateful to be able to deliver service and fulfill this couple’s dream. Like always, I learned cool new things and made memories and friendships that I will cherish forever!
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