Creative Lending Programs

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In today’s video we discuss creative loan programs that are really helping a lot of people get into homes. The creative loan products that we are going to cover today are commonly known as Non-QM loans, Non-conforming or Subprime loans. These type of loans are usually originated by private equity firms and they are bought by large hedge funds.

Owner occupancy Non-QM loans in today’s market follow the Ability-repay-standard set by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and these loans have very strict guidelines. Compete opposite of what was happening before the recession!

The two main products we will talk about:

  1. Owner Occupancy/Consumer Purpose
  2. Non Owner Occupancy/Business Purpose

Watch this video to find out how these loan products are opening avenues for people who have been rejected by traditional banks. These programs are there to provide you with an alternative solution and help you get into that Home.

I hope you enjoy this piece! Until next time…

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