Hayward Market Report Feb-2021

We have started 2021 with a bang and predictions of a bullish Real Estate market have been true thus far! In 2020 we saw that the home prices came to a 14-year high towards the end of the year and we had a huge inventory problem as buyers came out of the woodworks! Well, the buyers are still increasing by the day but we have seen a slight jump in inventory. In today’s video, I will share what the Year to Date numbers look like for the city of Hayward and show you what type of Home you can buy in the different price points in the most affordable city in the Bay Area.
As work from home continues into 2021, owning your own space has become sexier than ever! Buyers have started to heavily prefer suburban areas over large cities. Watch this video to find out tips on preparing yourself on getting an offer accepted. I also touch on what kind of financing is available to you and what is the best option to go with in this volatile market! I hope this information is insightful to you. Until next time…

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