Is This A Good Time To Buy?

The questions on all of our minds right now – should I buy now or wait for the market to cool down? When is it going to cool down?

The real estate market is a complicated beast. It’s also one of the most important parts of our economy. It’s easy to see why- real estate is intricately connected with jobs, retirement, and even happiness. But right now it seems like nobody can agree on what direction this market is headed in: up? down? sideways? In this video we’ll explore some of the best advice for understanding where real estate prices are going in America and how that will impact your life!

This is a time in history when we have the most 27-33 years olds. And a large population of them have salaried jobs and lots of liquid cash. The buying trends and the average age of a buyer today looks very different from five years ago. All this is exciting news for us because we are seeing our next generations become homeowners and raise their families as boomers in this country are getting ready to retire. Tune into this video to see what new trends are happening in your local real estate market.

In this video we will explore three major factors that are impacting the housing market right now: economic recovery, forbearance/foreclosures and supply chain of new construction. Supply of new homes is very low compared to the demand. Homes are more expensive to buy now than ever yet we have such high demand for homes. These are trends that need to be looked at carefully to really see what the future of Real Estate will look like. After reviewing these topics more deeply, you will get a great understanding of where this market is headed, and hopefully be in a confident state of mind to make the right decision for your family.

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