Case Study; Sold!!

Congratulations to this young woman on her First Home! Carmen and I connected online a few months back. She instantly liked the first property I showed her but unfortunately we could not get our offer accepted on that (that is just the nature of the business right now if you are a buyer in Today’s market). We saw many homes after that but that one home was stuck in Carmen’s mind and every home we saw after that just seemed subpar to her. A common phenomenon we all face when we feel we missed a great opportunity. But we stuck to the plan and found her the perfect home, at a price lower than the initial home that we missed.
I strive to see that priceless smile on my clients faces and work never seems like work when I am chasing that goal!  Like always, I learned invaluable lessons and made new friendships that I will cherish forever! Thank you to our amazing team at Optimal and the selling party for making this happen! Carmen will be moving into her new Home right before the Holiday Season! Thank you for trusting in me!

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