The Best City to Raise Your Family

Where do you want to raise your family? That is a question that every first time home buyer has to ask themselves. We all want the best for our children, and we know that raising them in a great city will give them many opportunities for success. In this blog post, I am going to share with you what the best cities are to raise your family. These cities have been ranked based on several criteria like fun, safety, affordability and education–just to name a few!

This report was put together by wallethub.com and they have also given us some interesting data on other cities throughout the country. According to USPS about 16M people moved around the country in the last one year, that is a staggering number despite us experiencing a pandemic! Homebuyers have been busy buying homes all over the country and there is a lot of buzz on where to move to. Let’s find out what is going on around the country!

Watch video to find out:

  1. The best cities to raise your family
  2. Most Playgrounds Per Capita
  3. Highest Median Family Salary
  4. Most Affordable Housing
  5. Lowest Violent-Crime Rate Per Capita

That is all I have for today folks, until next time!

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