Who am I ?

-Hot Tea and the Window near by

Wet Rain and the Color of the Sky

Thinking of that River that I seen with my Eyes

I Wonder about “Who Am I”

-The Door with the Golden Knob

Behind it sits a True Heart Throb

Looking at the Sky that Bird so High

I wonder about “Who Am I”

-My Dog with his Puppy Eyes

Sits and Waits for Me to come by

Walking on my Path I say to him Good Bye

I Wonder about “Who Am I”

-The Ceiling Fan with Florescent Light

Shines bright in the Night

Thinking about that Lady, to who I Lie

I Wonder about “Who Am I”

-On my Dresser there’s a Frame

it holds her Picture with her Name

In the Mirror I see my Reflection Dark Hair and a Fair Complexion

At that Moment I am Struck with Thunder

Is this Really Who Makes me Wonder?

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