Win by Noon with Todd Bookspan

Win by Noon with Todd Bookspan

We had so much fun chopping it up with Todd early this year!

Do you have a work life balance?

Listen to Todd talk about time blocking and doing the most important things first that have a high impact on his KPIs. By doing so he is able to free more time!

About the Episode:
This week, we are joined by Todd Bookspan, founder of the Win By Noon Planner (www.winbynoon.com). The concept of Winning By Noon resulted from the realization that his biggest successes in sales resulted when he time-blocked a portion of his morning, every morning, to complete those activities that drove his future business. This helped Todd unlock his business from the $80MM/year origination volume where he had plateaued and cross the 9-figure annual mark.

Todd also runs a coaching business helping entrepreneurs in various industries, including real estate, lending, and insurance to unlock their potential.

Listen to the full episode.

To watch the full episode.

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