Most Affordable City in The Bay Area

Watch this video to get insights to the most affordable and strategically located city in the Bay Area, Hayward CA. Even with the increase in property prices, Hayward is still the most affordable city for the First Time Buyer. Like all cities in the Bay, Hayward has also experienced an increase in home prices during the second and third quarter of 2020, in some cases a $50k-$80k jump in listing price. The main contributor to this has been the overall increase of buyers searching for homes and the shortage of inventory to match the buyers demand all around the Bay Area. With work from home allowed by most employers in the Bay Area, home ownership is more important than ever to people living here. And with the rates at all time lows, buyers are eager to buy a home and lock in a lower monthly mortgage payment.

The challenge for new buyers has been to find a home that is affordable to buy in the Bay Area. But in the city of Hayward, buyers can buy a 3 bedroom Single Family Home for $700k which is an unheard of price point in the surrounding areas. Watch this video to find out what types of homes are selling and what the average prices of homes are in the city of Hayward.

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